"My main motive for writing is to give so-called Blacks and Latinos throughout the earth the real factual truth about our history that has been far too long suppressed and misinterpreted by man.  Our history has not only been tampered with, but has been misrepresented by the leaders that take our kindness for weakness.  Not only have we been deceived by all nations, but our minds have been tampered with by the very Black and Latino leaders that we trust and believe.  There is more to our history than the public and society lead us to believe; than our church pastors have lied to us about.  Here, in the last days, you will come to understand more than what you were taught in school, and from society.  Always read with the spirit of understanding and not a spirit of a closed mind."  Zaaqan also, realizes that his society, for centuries has been playing a very cruel hoax on us , as a people, and it's time for us to wake up.  -Frank "Zaaqan" Jordan



Frank "Zaaqan" Jordan, a native of Brooklyn, New York, now residing in North Carolina has spent most of his adult lfe teaching and lecturing throughout various cities, and institutions throughout the United States of America.